Catabolic-Anabolic: Housing for Urban Edges

Effective communities are built on connections and networks both physical and social. Effective housing, therefore, must be adaptable enough to match changing webs of interactions and cultural heuristics, even at high density.

Social ties are amplified and multiplied, generating a networked and diverse community typology.

Catabolism is the breakdown of large molecules into small; Anabolism is the synthesis of the granular into the complex. Within the confines of our riverfront site, public space is broken up and distributed, while communal ties are melded into a dynamic composite.

Shown as part of the Exhibition GSAPP Housing Studios 1974-2014 in Spring 2015.

In collaboration with Hillary Ho.

Galen Pardee is a designer and researcher in New York City.

Founder, “Territories of Territory Extraction”

Brandeis University + Columbia University GSAPP Graduate.

Co-founding FARMer.

galen.pardee (at) gmail (dot) com


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