Oversight can be visual and political: built in a NYCHA site, this public pool reverses the legal with the literal.

Non-residents are placed under the surveillance of the inhabitants - even as the site and its residents are under public supervision.

Arriving from the NYCHA side, windows are arrayed as an extended Corbusian fenêtre en longueur; inside, viewlines are governed by Loos' raumplan, the deepest corner of the pool as the center of circulation and the structural fins modulating increasingly smaller spaces. Existing community ties are augmented outside the city grid; external access curtailed.

Galen Pardee is a designer and researcher in New York City.

Founder, “Territories of Territory Extraction”

Brandeis University + Columbia University GSAPP Graduate.

Co-founding FARMer.

galen.pardee (at) gmail (dot) com


Copyright Galen Pardee, 2018