From the street sections of Harvey Wiley Corbett, to Le Corbusier’s Ville Radieuse, and the New York City Housing Authority’s (NYCHA) public housing tracts, New York City is the city of the strata. In the face of climate change-driven sea rise, it is time to add another set of layers - a SuperStructure.

A permanent parasite, SuperStructure extends existing elevator shafts, and provides supplemental support armatures as necessary. As rising water tables make the lower floors of New York unusable, their functions are absorbed by SuperStructure, elevating the functional mass of the city's streets out of harm’s way and suspending their dynamism overhead.

In collaboration with Eugene Chang

Galen Pardee is a designer and researcher in New York City.

Founder, “Territories of Territory Extraction”

Brandeis University + Columbia University GSAPP Graduate.

Co-founding FARMer.

galen.pardee (at) gmail (dot) com


Copyright Galen Pardee, 2018